Experience a cockpit flight with our pilots. A Cessna 172 will give you a experience of a real Co-Pilot flying. Our pilot also let you feel The GRAVITY some awesome manuver beside an amazing view of Mactan, Olango, Bohol, Chocolate Hills and other many beautiful Island of Cebu. 

We also provide charter flight service to the diffrent island where an airlines cant able to go. Like Bantayan, Dumagate, Siqijor, Ormoc, Bohol, and many more


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Cell/Mobile: +639330381951 / +639152453023

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Bohol Arial Tour Price

PersonRate / Per PersonPlane to be Used
111000Cessna 172/ 4 Seater
25750 Cessna 172/ 4 Seater
34000 Cessna 172/ 4 Seater
4 or moreContact UsEmail/WhatsApp/Viber

Demo Flight

Soar above with the experts!
Experience an extremely enjoyable and unforgettable Demo flight and with us. You will fly an Airplane as Co-Pilot. As your Pilot in Command there will be an expert and well experienced Pilot/Flight Instructor to guide and teach you flying. Start from Take off you are fly as Co-Pilot through all flight until landing. All basic manuvers will be shown to you and let you try and enjoy the flight besides you gonna see the an amazing Arial Tour of Bohol Island-Chocolate Hills.

Introductory Flight Lesson: (Cessna 152/Cessna 172)
1) Pre-Flight Inspection
2) Engine Start Procedure
3) Taxing
4) Take Off
5) Climbing
6) Descending
7) Turning Left/Right
8) Airworks
9) Familiarization of Mactan
10) Landing

Demo Flight Price

PersonRate/ PesoPlane to be Used
211,500Cessna 172
312,000Cessna 172

Note: Please be noted only 1 Person can Experience as Co-Pilot other will be as Passenger